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The last time I blogged…

I was 22 years old and about to embark on what remains the biggest adventure of my life – 4 months and thousands of miles from home in beautiful Switzerland. 2 years on, I continue to look back on that period of time with great fondness.

What brings me back here 2 years later? Well… nothing very profound. I just wanted to show off my latest baking creations made for Christmas – cranberry, orange & walnut muffins!

I remember spending Christmas season in Switzerland and all the European girls started getting busy in the kitchens baking all sorts of wonderful Christmas cookies. Inspired, I recently visited a blog I used to frequent which houses some of the simplest but most delectable recipes that helped me survive on edible food abroad – http://www.noobcook.com.

Wiffy, the blogger, takes wonderful pictures of her successful recipes and painstakingly provides easy-to-follow instructions that come with timely tips and cautions on what to do or not to do when cooking. As a result, my attempts from following her recipes have ALWAYS been successful.

I am deeply indebted to Wiffy for preventing me from dying of hunger or bankruptcy in Switzerland, the latter if I had to eat out for all my meals.

Now back in Singapore, I’ve come a long way these past 2 years, having graduated and learning a great deal at my current place of work. It’s a lull month in December and I’ve had the luxury of time to spend the afternoon shopping for ingredients at the bloody crowded NEX mall across the street and tottering around the kitchen. It was a great opportunity to relive the joys of baking/cooking from my days in Bern.

I’ve modified Wiffy’s Christmas muffin recipe by substituting pecans with walnuts, and decreasing the amount of sugar slightly. I was walking around Cold Storage looking for pecans and actually found some. Alas, to my horror they cost $9.45 for a 150g packet.

So I grabbed the walnuts.

An hour later, my very own Christmas muffins were ready to meet the world.

*meekly* “tadahhhh…” *spirit fingers*

Domo, as usual, strikes in the presence of delish muffins, now dusted with icing sugar for added Christmas-ness.

“Just like the good ‘ol days when I preyed on Jean’s blueberry muffins”, Domo thought to himself. Here’s photographic evidence of the assault from last June:

Next kitchen project? I’m thinking some cranberry sauce, and to go with that, a nice, juicy roast chicken. *slurp*

Happy Holidays ya’ll and God bless!


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The confused owner of a bronze Sony PSP lite.

But.. thanks so much Pa. Now I’ll have LocoRoco and Patapon for company if I get bored in Bern. =)

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I am going on exchange! To Switzerland’s capital.

Specifically, the University of Bern.


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